Green Day Concert Review Shoreline Amphitheater, September 4, 2010

Green Day returned home to the Bay area Saturday night, and played a 3-hour show for their local fans to close out their 2010 U.S. Tour.

Saturday night Green Day came to town in what can only be described as not just a concert but also a celebration with the band, 22 years after they first started playing gigs in the area. Now over two decades later their fans range from seven to fifty-seven all evenly represented throughout the show.

The energy from the crowd was at a peak as the lights hit at 8 P.M. sharp. After a loud explosion the band was serenaded by the crowd onstage, while speakers were playing a recording of the bands Song Of The Century Intro from their latest release, 21st Century Breakdown. The stage came alive when the band started playing the opening 3 songs to their current CD. The crowd then erupted when the band played “Holiday” from the bands previous CD American Idiot. The crowd hung on Billie Joe’s every word and sang each lyric with heart, screaming at the top of their lungs. This continued through out the show.

Shortly before the start of the show my second row dead center seat and the Photographer area was invaded by stage storming fans, who took over the area in front of the stage and created a pit. This helped the band connect directly with their fans including Billy singing to them, with them, and even having them sing on stage. The band made the 18,000-person theater feel like a small theater.

The majority of the bands set list did rely heavy on the past 2 CD/Rock Operas. The band threw in some old favorites from their 22-year span along with some really fun covers. Ironically, the most talked about song of the night was not even sung by Billie Joe. “Longview”, sung by a fan, after belting out the song, stage-dived into the crowd. At one point in the show the band invited over 30 people to come up and sing with them on stage. Billy Joe looked completely relaxed as over half of those devoted fans, actually reached out and touched him. That’s what made this a great concert, the interaction with the crowd and the band. I’ve been to many shows when a band just stands there blankly and plays. With this show you were part of the experience. As the night went on the band fed off the crowd’s energy and the theatrical connection grew even stronger.

In a Summer Concert season where some artists are charging anywhere from $90 (John Mayer& Dave Matthews Band) to $200(Lady Gaga) including service fees, Green Day kept ticket prices to a $50 cap with no service fees, making it one of the few affordable shows of the summer.

From the start you knew it was going to be a special show. Not only was the East Bay band making their return to the historic Shoreline Amphitheater, but it was also the last night of the U.S. Tour. I found out later that the band was recording the show for a future live CD. Singer Billie Joe Armstrong spoke to the crowd “Sorry SoCal, Green Day likes the Bay Area way more than they like you”.

At the end of the show he told the crowd, “Green Day is moving onward and upward, crossing genres while still continuing to put on one hell of a fantastic live show. So we thank you, guys, for the last 22 years. Keep it coming”. With live shows like this, one thing is for certain Green Day will remain one of the best live bands of the 21st century. Below is a set list from the show. You can also check out my pictures and some video at the links provided below.

Pictures from the show can be seen at:

For video from the show go to

Green Day Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA, September 4, 2010 Set List

Song Of The Century Intro

21st Century Breakdown

  1. Know Your Enemy
  2. East Jesus Nowhere
  3. Holiday
  4. Murder City
  5. Give Me Novacaine
  6. Letterbomb
  7. Are We The Waiting
  8. St. Jimmy
  9. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  10. Cigarettes And Valentines
  11. Burnout
  12. Geek Stink Breath
  13. Coming Clean
  14. Going To Pasalacqua
  15. Only Of You
  16. Paper Lanterns
  17. 2000 Light Years Away
  18. Hitchin’ a Ride
  19. When I Come Around
  20. Iron Man / Rock ‘n’ Roll / Sweet Child O’ Mine / Baba O’ Riley / Highway To Hell
  21. Brain Stew
  22. Jaded
  23. Longview
  24. Basket Case
  25. She
  26. King for a Day / Shout / Benny Hill / Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town / Lights / White Rabbit / Break On Through / Satisfaction / Hey Jude
  27. 21 Guns
  28. American Eulogy
  29. Encore:
  30. American Idiot
  31. Jesus of Suburbia
  32. Encore 2:
  33. Last Night on Earth
  34. Wake Me Up When September Ends
  35. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
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